A Journey toward Self - Discovery

The Inherent Divinity of Life

If you stand in front of the Whale Memorium you can feel the life of the people for whom whaling was a way of life. In order to live people in Kumano have taken the life of other beings, but they have always done so with an attitude of reverence towards nature and the divinity inherent in life. Since time immemorial they have known the real preciousness of life. The gifts of nature were not abused nor wasted. They received their catches as a gift of the gods to whom they prayed and showed their deep gratitude. Reverence was paid to the fish, to the cows, to the trees, and to all that which sacrificed its existence to sustain the people of Kumano. The rituals and ceremonies of Kumano demonstrate to us that at one time the people here understood well the meaning of life and death. The spark is still alive. Perhaps we can make it into a flame once more.

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